The Plant's Pedestal

The Plant's Pedestal

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What if pedestals weren't meant only to hold decorative objects but were sculptural pieces themselves?

The Plant's Pedestal is a handmade, wooden stand that holds your favorite potted plant. They are made from locally sourced hard maple and finished with a greenish tint. These are perfect for when you would like to raise your plant up to bring it a little closer to the window. They work well with larger pots sitting directly on the floor or smaller pots on a side table or countertop.

While the finish we use is water resistant we recommend always using a plant saucer under your pots to prevent stagnant water from pooling on the stand itself.

  • Ready to ship!
  • Locally sourced hard maple
  • 10" tall, 8" wide at top, 10.5" wide at the bottom 
  • Recommended for potted plants with saucers between 5" and 12" in diameter