made cozy milking stool dovetailed triangular side table

Milking Stool

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Is it a sculpture or is it furniture? Maybe it's both! The Milking Stool is an elegant and petite side table.  The cherry table top is triangular with organic curves and a gentle chamfer leading into the dovetailed legs. Each dovetail is cut by hand and fastened in place with a brass dowel. 

This tiny table can nuzzle into small spaces. It's perfect for sitting aside an armchair where you'd like to rest your drink. Perhaps you're looking for a surface to hold a small lamp or a spot to place a candle next to your tub? The Milking Stool adds just the right amount of surface area beside you without getting in the way. 

Short 3-legged stools, called milking stools, were once a common tool on dairy farms for farmers to sit and milk cows. We took inspiration from that design to bring these old objects into a contemporary interior. 

These are "readymade" artisan pieces created in small batches. They are all dated, numbered, and signed on the bottom.


  • 13.5" x 12.5" x 15"
  • Cherry
  • Brass
  • Black Leather
  • Finished with shellac and tung oil
  • Stackable (up to 4 stools)

Note: Wood grain is different from board to board so each of these side tables is unique. Cherry darkens overtime into a lovely deep red. Placing this table to near a window will speed up the color change.