Made Cozy is a furniture design & fabrication studio founded by partners Haviland Justice and Oliver Reams in Western Massachusetts. We explore the cross-section of traditional crafting techniques and contemporary design. Our objects are built to last and have a timeless yet playful aesthetic. We aim to blur the lines between sculpture and fine furniture.

Our Start

Haviland and Oliver met as design students at Hampshire College. Wanting to find a way to design products that depart from an increasingly disposable mindset, we drew inspiration from the relationships children have with their favorite stuffed animals that get washed when dirty, mended when torn, and kept safe to be passed down. We found this was because these toys gave us a cozy feeling.

We wanted the furniture and home goods we made to bring that same feeling into adults' lives. We aimed for our designs to be beautiful and long lasting but also to give you that desire to care for and keep them because, after-all, they make you feel cozy.

After graduating, Haviland ran a local reupholstery business for 6 years under the same name (Made:Cozy). In 2021, she fully transitioned the business into an online shop where she has the opportunity to showcase the sculptural side of furniture by designing and making a line of pieces that expand on their original idea for the business.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring back lost hand skills to home furnishings and make our products with transparency. We want to blend functionality with elegance and durability. We strive to make all aspects of our objects with materials that are sourced from sustainable and ethical places. We aim to fully understand materials and how they can be shaped to leave our customers feeling cozy and connected to our products. If you have questions about the process or materials used with any of our products feel free to contact us.

* * *

We invite you to explore our online shop where we sell household objects. Our products are all designed in house and either made in our studio or with the help of local factories, artists, and craftspeople.