Cedrus House

Cedrus House

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The Cedrus House is a delightfully simple and modern birdhouse design. The quality speaks for itself with clean slants, gentle curves and no exposed screw holes. It's made of unfinished cedar which is naturally rot and insect resistant. The roof is slightly elevated above the frame to allow for airflow. The overhang and slant help protect the birds against rain and wind. 

The 1 ¼” hole size and interior dimensions are ideal for a long list of small north american birds and should be too small for most common predators.

Here are some North American birds that might consider making Cedrus House their home:

Chickadees (black-capped, siberian, mountain, chestnut-backed), Downy Woodpecker, Nuthatch (brown headed, red breasted, white breasted, pygmy), Tufted Titmouse, Wren (bewick, carolina, house, winter)

*Birdhouse only* - For stand suggestions read the mounting directions.



  1. Place the copper stand-offs on top of the threaded inserts on the house and the holes in the roof over those. Use the thumb screws to screw in through the holes in the roof, through the copper stand-off pieces and into the house. 
  2. Gently hammer the dowel into the hole that can be used as a perch so that it is only sticking out about 1 ½”.


Directions for Mounting: 

It is best to hang birdhouses on a metal pole or garden fence post. Hanging on a tree can leave the birds vulnerable to predators that can easily climb trees. We suggest mounting to a “universal pole kit” which is a metal pole with a bracket for screwing to the underside of the birdhouse. You can also screw a metal garden fence post to the back of the house or attach it to a wooden post.

ALWAYS PRE-DRILL YOUR HOLES to help prevent the soft cedar from splitting.

Most of the listed birds prefer a house to be at least 5’ off the ground and facing East or South. They prefer birdhouses to be attached to something sturdy and not swaying in the wind.