lime green hole


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This pillow has a hole in it! The Holes pillow is a part of our collection titled Contour Objects. The green variant is sewn with a thick woven green fabric with a 1” grey border. The organic shaped hole is made of a yellow wool. The pink variant is a greyish petal pink with a cobalt blue boarder and hole. Holes allows us to think about and explore how we use pillows. Sometimes it is nice to lay sideways on a pillow and not crush your ear. Other times we like to hug pillows and hold them close and by sticking your arm through the hole, this pillow hugs you back. 

Contour Objects aims to be both art pieces and practical objects. We like to think of them as pieces of art that you can physically interact with like you would a pillow.


  • 17” wide x 17” tall x 4” thick
  • Post consumer recycled polyester fabric
  • Polyfill filling

Please note: these are handmade and may have small variations between each