The Half Pint Rocker and cozy recommendations from the end of 2023


Hello from the year 2024!

After a couple weeks off to spend time with family, I’m back in the Made Cozy studios this week and outlining our goals for the year. This past year we did a lot of behind the scenes work to start selling wholesale (yes you may find some Made Cozy pillows or oven mitts in stores the next time you shop!). I also spent quite a lot of time pushing myself to improve on my woodworking skills in the hopes of designing more furniture with exposed joinery. 

I’m excited to get back in the swing of things. I oiled my sewing machine today and tidied the work tables. I’m working on designing a new line of pillow’s that are exceptionally cozy. They’ll be made of all natural fibers with warm colors. I even prototyped a small stuffed bunny to match. (But I’ll share more of that later).

I wanted to share with you my last project of 2023: The Half Pint Rocker. 

maple half pint sized rocker, red waxed cotton sailcloth, christmas livingroom, cozy small rocking chair

This little project was commissioned by the grandmother of the sweetest 16 month old to be his first chair. She wanted to give him a Christmas present that he could grow into and grow up with. I liked the idea of doing my own take on something so classic as a rocking chair. Rockers are often heirlooms passed through generations of children so with that in mind, I wanted it to last and feel timeless. I used traditional mortise and tenon joinery in this local maple but added some sculptural detail so that the shapes of the joinery mimicked the shapes in the rocker itself. I upholstered the seat with a waxed sailcloth (manufactured in the US!) for its wipe-ability and because I love the way waxed cottons look as they break in. 

 maple half pint sized rocker, red waxed cotton sailcloth, mortise and tenon side detail, cozy small rocking chair maple half pint sized rocker, red waxed cotton sailcloth, top arm mortise and tenon detail, cozy small rocking chair

While this is not a published product on our website yet, if you are interested in commissioning one, I’d love to make more! Please send an email with your inquiry. 

To end this newsletter I’ll share a couple cozy recommendations:



Our seasonal pick: Serious Eats Limoncello Recipe 


Now that meyer lemons are in season you can make them last all winter with this super simple limoncello recipe. We made some for friends and family for Christmas this year and I’m already wishing we made more.

homemade limoncello in small gift bottle
speculaas made with made cozy pasta board

New favorite recipe: King Arthur's Speculaas cookies!

These spiced cookies are a dutch favorite. Traditionally they’re pressed into special cookie stamps but we thought our pasta boards made for a fun texture too!

That’s all for today! I’m hoping to do more of these types of newsletters this year so stay tuned. And if you are interested in a little rocker, send me a quick email to

Happy new year!


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