Start your week off cozy with the launch of our FIRST table!

FEBRUARY 9, 2024

Happy summer from the Made Cozy design studio in Western MA! Some of you are new here after our showcase in Rhinebeck, NY: hello to you!

I'm writing to share our very first solid wood furniture piece: The Milking Stool. We've been working away at it in our woodshop all Spring so we hope you love it as much as we do.

The Milking Stool is an elegant and petite side table. The cherry table top is triangular with organic curves and a gentle chamfer leading into the dovetailed legs. Each dovetail is cut by hand and fastened in place with a brass dowel.
This tiny table can nuzzle into small spaces. It's perfect for sitting aside an armchair where you'd like to rest your drink. Perhaps you're looking for a surface to hold a small lamp or a spot to place a candle next to your tub? The Milking Stool adds just the right amount of surface area beside you without getting in the way. 
Short 3-legged stools, called milking stools, were once a common tool on dairy farms for farmers to sit and milk cows. We took inspiration from that design to bring these old objects into a contemporary interior.

These are "readymade" artisan pieces created in small batches. They are all dated, numbered, and signed on the bottom.

Cozy recommendations for summer (yes summer can be cozy!):

1. Our favorite cold dinner for hot days: Cold Tanuki Udon with homemade mentsuyu sauce. This recipe is so versatile. It uses cold udon noodles (we like buying frozen fresh noodles, boiling, and rinsing with cold water) and mentsuyu sauce (takes 5 minutes to make). You can top with anything: fresh cucumber, scallions, quick pickles 
2. Hand dying textiles with natural dyes!: I'm working on prototyping our second toy in hand dyed cotton velvet. You all loved our Aster Cottontail bunny so much, I felt motivated to continue the collection. This one will be extra special because the fabric is dyed with avocado pits to get the perfect peachy color. There's nothing better than looking in the garden and seeing freshly dyed fabric hanging to dry.
3. Want to see our pieces in person? We will be showcasing our work at the Artrider Expose in Guilford Connecticut next month July 19/21. Hope to see you there! 
All the best,
Made Cozy

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