Homamade Pasta board cavatelli, gnocchi, cavarola, cameo

Homemade-Pasta Boards

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These thick maple boards are designed for creating texture and ridges in your homemade pasta. Pasta boards are regularly used for making gnocchi, cavatelli, cavarola, and garganelli but are also great for making up your own pasta shapes. Both designs can hang on the wall to be displayed but are also small enough to fit in a drawer or lean up against your backsplash. We believe that kitchen tools should always look like little pieces of art to help create edible pieces of art.


We have two designs of these boards. The Cameo is a paddle-shaped board with a comfortable handle. The imagery is of the silhouette of a head profile. The Maze is shaped like a cheese board where the handle is a modern take on traditional artisan cavarola boards and the design is a hand drawn geometric pattern. 


The pasta made in the pictures is cavatelli pasta made from semolina dough. This style doesn’t use any dowels or rolling pins but rather just your thumb to create the shape of the pasta. Both boards come with a ⅜” dowel but we encourage you to play with using other tools like small rolling pins, butter knives etc. for different pasta shapes. 



  • Unfinished maple (finished wood sticks to pasta dough more)
  • Cameo: 9.75” x 5.25”
  • Maze: 8” x 4.25”
  • Made in Massachusetts, USA


Use and Care:

Sprinkle a little semolina flour onto the board before use. If the dough is sticking a bit try adding kneading more flour into the dough. To wash, knock off excess flour and rinse with water. If dough is caught in the grooves use a scrubbing brush to gently get it out. Do not soak. Dry immediately.