bread lame in hand painted box, slash, score, kitchen tool

Homemade Bread Lame

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A “lame” is a baking tool that holds a razor blade and is used to score or slash bread dough. We designed a simple and sculptural bread lame that allows you to comfortably hold the tool vertically to score your well-proofed loaf before baking. The handles are made out of reclaimed oak with hand-carved embellishments and finished with 3 coats of beeswax butcher block oil. The rod that holds the tool is stainless steel and turned in our studio. Comes with a pack of 5 blades that are easily inserted by bending slightly and sliding on. They stay firmly placed with friction alone. They are packaged in hand painted recycled boxes.

These are handmade and may appear slightly different from each other. The grain of the wood varies with each tool.


7” x 1.25,” box: 8” x 2” x 1”

Reclaimed oak wood, stainless steel

5 Astra double edge blades