Half Oven Mitt (Classic Neutral Colors)

Half Oven Mitt (Classic Neutral Colors)

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A hybrid between potholders and oven mitts these Half Oven Mitts are made to be quick to slip on when you need to handle hot objects in the kitchen. The leather on the inside is thick enough to protect your hands from heat but flexible enough to allow for dexterity. The outer leather is soft and supple. Leather will naturally take on oils with use and will wear beautifully. Currently we have a small production run of oven mitts available in warm, neutral colors (caramel brown on the outside and truffle brown on the inside).


  • 100% leather
  • Leather loop for hanging
  • Branded with our Made:Cozy logo
  • 6” x 7”
  • Made in Massachusetts
  • Sold Individually

Leather is commonly used to protect hands in many situations from thorns in gardens to forges in blacksmithing shops but as always, when around open flames and hot pots and pans please stay alert. If what you are holding feels too hot, please just put it down.

Please note: these are handmade and will have slight variations in shape, color, and texture.